I model lighting on architecture sculpting shadows and inspired by the concept Alfredo Di Mauro

I model lighting on architecture sculpting shadows and inspired by the concept


I am Alfredo Di Mauro:

Dad, architect, teacher and CEO of Lumstock

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arquitectura y diseño de pared con papel tapiz

My specialty is architectural lighting and together with a talented team I have been designing lighting for high-end residential and commercial projects for more than 15 years. 


There is no such thing as excess in my conception of design. Balance and osmosis are my north when creating a concept. I consider that I have my own style in the conceptualization of light and a personal methodology when designing for a space. 

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I like to teach

For many years I have been a professor in the faculty of architecture.

At university I understood that architects do not teach us to illuminate. In fact, they teach us that we cannot do them.

With my students I discovered that anyone who has studied architecture or design has the power to do so. 

With my courses I show any professional in the sector that long and expensive "Lighting Design" courses full of technicalities are not needed to integrate lighting into their projects.

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